Restoring and Repairing the Mercury Capri

1990-94 Mercury Capri: Common Repair Needs
If you purchase a Mercury Capri built from 1990 to 1994 here are some areas you may have to repair or restore:

Mercury Capri Air conditioner: The air-conditioning lines may leak at the spring-lock couplings; larger O-rings are available as a service replacement. (1991-94)
Engine noise: Loose heat shields over the muffler and catalytic converter can cause a rattling or buzzing noise. (1991-94)

Mercury Capri Tail lights or brake lights: The turn-signal switch does not stay engaged on right-hand turns. (1991-93)

Water leak: Problems with the convertible top including roof bow flap coming off (1991-94), rear-window breakage (1991-94), and water leaks. (1991-93)

Wipers: If the windshield wipers freeze to the glass in cold weather, the 15- or 20-amp fuse for the wipers (and radiator fan) blow. Replace with a 25-amp fuse. (1991-93)

NHTSA Recall History
1991 and 1993: Rubber tube connecting automatic transmission to oil cooler in radiator may disconnect, resulting in fluid discharge.

1991-92: Airbag module may be inadequate for high-temperature performance; bag may tear and malfunction.

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